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Joyce J. Sweinberg Associates PC, works with a wide network of attorneys who handle a variety of legal issues. This list below represents some of the matters for which we can provide referrals. If you are seeking an attorney in any of these or other legal matters, we would be pleased to provide you with a competent referral in the area you need. If you need help in one of these areas below, submit the contact form to our office or call us at 215-752-3732:

Civil Rights Issues
Commercial Litigation
Consumer Fraud
Contract Issues
Criminal Law
Divorce and Domestic Relations
Employment Issues including Harassment, Wrongful Discharge, Discrimination, Unemployment Claims, and Whistleblower Suits
Estate Planning
Family Law
Immigration Law
Landlord/Tenant Disputes
Long-Term Disability
Personal Injury Matters
Real Estate Matters


Please see the below links for real-time referrals:

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