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If you or a loved one has sustained a serious injury as the result of someone’s negligence, there are many consequences which can affect your life permanently.  There can be past and future medical expenses, sometimes not covered by insurance, potential loss of wages, lifelong care, home modifications, permanent disability, disfigurement, surgery, emotional trauma and post traumatic stress disorder, medical treatment and home health treatment, and a host of potential life-altering circumstances.  We are here to help you and to coordinate the benefits to which you may be entitled in addition to the recovery from the negligent party.
There might be a workers’ compensation claim, social security disability, short or long term disability benefits, tax issues, Medicare Set Aside requirements, and other entitlement which must be properly monitored and pursued for you.  There are often subrogation issues involved with these benefits as well.   I have dealt with this type of problem many times and will also involve any experts we need to maximize your recovery, here or in other parts of the state. Wherever your injury occurred, I will enlist the assistance of qualified professionals to pursue your claim. Call me at 215-752-3732, so I can help you.