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Slip and fall cases are generally known as premises liability cases and involve injuries on someone else’s property. They are usually covered by premises liability insurance which applies to the property in question. There are many ways one can be injured on another’s property and I have handled many different types of cases and injuries over the years. Dangerous conditions can result from wet floors, torn carpets, potholes, unprotected construction sites, bad lighting, and many other conditions which can cause serious injuries.
Generally the plaintiff must prove that there was a dangerous condition and that the owner or possessor of the property knew or should have known of the dangerous condition. The dangerous condition must create an unreasonable risk to the person, who is usually known as an invitee in PA. Sometimes the owner/possessor creates the dangerous condition; sometimes the owner/possessor knows of the condition and fails to correct it and sometimes the owner/possessor should have known of the dangerous condition by the exercise of reasonable diligence in inspecting and maintaining the property and fails to do so.
There is also a forseeability factor in these cases…it must be forseeable that the negligence creates the danger in question. For example, in a grocery store, if a customer drops grapes into the aisle, and hours later, the grapes are smashed into the floor and create a slippery surface, it should be forseeable that someone might fall on the spill and that the store had plenty of time to discover and clean the area.
Sometimes people are so embarrassed that they fell that they hesitate to blame anyone but themselves. It is best to contact an attorney to talk about your situation rather than blame yourself, especially if you have been seriously injured in the fall.
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