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Auto Accidents

Bucks County Car Accident Lawyer I have handled many auto accidents during my years as an attorney. One thing I have learned is how important it is to be aware of the client’s emotional needs during this time. Being in an auto accident is very stressful and being injured can have a dramatic effect on you and loved ones. -Read More-

Dog Bites

If you are attacked and bitten by a dog, you may be entitled to damages for the injuries you suffer. Although some dogs are known to be more prone to biting than others, when you are bitten it does not matter what the breed is. All dogs have sharp teeth. -Read More-

Medical Malpractice

There are so many ways that a medical professional can make a mistake during treatment, testing, and diagnosis of patients.  It happens every day, in the private office and in the hospital.  Wherever it happens, the results can be devastating and life changing, and sometimes lives are lost because of medical malpractice. -Read More-

Personal Injury

I have practiced law since 1981, serving Bucks and surrounding counties. There are so many ways you can be seriously injured by the negligence of another party. If you feel that is the case, you should call me to see if you have an action to pursue. -Read More-.

Product Liability

Buyer beware! So often manufacturers will release a product to the public with more concern to making money than caring about your safety. If you have been seriously injured by use of a product in some way, call me. -Read More-

Serious Injuries

If you or a loved one has sustained a serious injury as the result of someone’s negligence, there are many consequences which can affect your life permanently.  There can be past and future medical expenses, sometimes not covered by insurance, potential loss of wages, lifelong care, home modifications, permanent disability, disfigurement, surgery, emotional trauma and more. -Read More-

Slip & Fall

Slip and fall cases are generally known as premises liability cases and involve injuries on someone else’s property. They are usually covered by premises liability insurance which applies to the property in question. There are many ways one can be injured on another’s property and I have handled many different types of cases and injuries. -Read More-

Work Injury

A work injury can be devastating to you. It affects not only your income but can affect your health coverage and other benefits. The law in PA is very intricate and you need an attorney to guide you. Representing injured workers has been a major part of my law practice over the years.  -Read More-

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Cases: The accidental death of a loved one can be devastating, to the point where you need an attorney to sort things out for you and file what is needed to pursue an action against the party or parties responsible for the death of your loved one. -Read More-