Consulting Counsel


Do you need someone to help you with your caseload but do not need a full time associate?

Do you have personal injury cases which are simply not moving forward because you are too busy to work on them?

Do you wish you had someone to discuss your cases with so that you can maximize your results?

Would you like someone to negotiate your cases to the best possible settlements for your clients?

I am available to help you as a per diem contract attorney. I can be your virtual online attorney if you like. I am familiar with both Google Docs and Dropbox. All you need is to set up a free account and you can upload file documents and information for me to review. All work can be done online if you prefer it that way.

I will evaluate your files and help you determine what you need to keep the file moving, prove your case and establish your injuries.  I will draft pleadings for you.  I will work on the file as an attorney, helping you settle the case or win the case.  I will cover depositions for you. I will negotiate the case with the adjuster or opposing counsel for you- this is one of my favorite functions, something which many attorneys do not like to do or do not have time to invest  to obtain maximum results. Yet, this is one of the most important I can do it for you and report back working with you to achieve the best result in your cases.

I have been a practicing lawyer in Bucks County since 1981, when I graduated from Temple University School of Law.  My many years of experience as a workers’ compensation practitioner gave me the opportunity to litigate cases on a continual and regular basis.   In the civil context, I have tried cases in Bucks, Philadelphia, Northampton, Montgomery and surrounding counties.  I have worked on and settled many personal injury matters to my clients’ satisfaction and have developed extensive medical knowledge through my association with these cases.

I have reached a point in my legal career where I am willing, able,  and available to offer this service to other, less experienced counsel, or to co-counsel with a private practitioner who wants to have another opinion on the case.  My service can also be helpful to someone who finds that he or she is so busy with everyday matters as to not have the time or the expertise to adequately handle the matter, but does not want to refer the case out of the firm.

You will find me flexible and easy to work with, knowledgeable in my field and committed to helping you achieve the best result possible for your client.  Feel free to contact me to discuss a consulting arrangement with your firm.  If you retain me for assistance on your case, I can promise you that I will bring to bear many years of experience and the know how to direct the case from intake to settlement or trial, as needed.  If you would like to know more about me go to my website at

Call me at 215-752-3732

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